Amanda Marie Luis

Artist Statement

I’m uncomfortable in the spotlight. I wish the world would let my work speak for itself (the acceptance of things I cannot change is ever a challenge). There’s something about my creativity that craves diversity, like a flame that continually demands a different fuel. It’s a lifelong obsession. Maybe it’s true what they say, that variety is the spice of life; perhaps new projects emerge to keep me engaged. This may be the reason that I find great inspiration in found objects & unrecyclables: as the basis of an artwork, each object I choose–a thing that would otherwise be garbage–is unique.


After emigrating from Portugal at age 5, Amanda Marie Luis continually tinkered with the arts. At 14, her jewellery & small decorative sculptures enjoyed modest renown at a Queen Street shop. But Amanda was never satisfied; she quickly grew disenchanted as a series proved popular. Nothing inspired her rebellious side like requests to copy herself.

In middle age, little has changed. Her children have grown, freeing Amanda to live like a gyspy, without roots. Her workstation is portable, which enables her to create in the presence of her favourite rivers & parks, near (or far from) friends & family, in any Southern Ontario town with an inviting feel.

Amanda’s recent series, ‘Ravens,’ is a triumph of imagination & craftsmanship. ‘Ravens’–created after one particularly memorable dream/nightmare–tells a story of tribalism, spirituality, eroticism, coming-of-age, & tragedy, as a thirteen piece set of tabletop statues.

~Wm Brian MacLean

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