Ami Ferrari

Artist Statement

I am an independent contemporary artist specializing in the art of Transformation.

I like to think that any subject matter is suitable to become art; it’s just a matter of how to transform it.  In this body of work, I am celebrating the beauty and power of trees by exploiting the idea of treeness.  Trees are transformed to showcase their more intangible aspects, such as the ways trees can feel like multi-armed creatures; the way trees play with sunshine; the interconnectedness of a community of trees; or the ways trees can keep the sky from falling.

I celebrate colour as a glorification of life.  My vision is that vibrant, joyous potential thrives in everybody, everything, and every situation.  It can, like my paintings, just take some time to discover the full potential.  My current work is acrylic on canvas.


Amy Ferrari, a compulsive doodler, has always been constantly distracted and fascinated by shapes, colors, and patterns she finds in everything.  The obscure, the mundane, the invisible, the unknown, as well as the amazing and the obvious, have always served to inspire!  The compulsion to celebrate the disregarded has always challenged and propelled her creativity.

Despite her strong interest in art, she chose to pursue a degree in Product Design.  Design School provided her with a rather unique and solid foundation for later pursuing a career in art, as University training stressed the fundamentals of design.  In 1986, Ferrari graduated from North Carolina State University’s School of Design with a Bachelor’s in Product Design. The remainder of Ferrari’s art education was self-taught through endless hours of drawing, painting, and nearly obsessive exploration.

Over the years, Ferrari originated and developed a particularly unique curvaceous style, joining it with an intuitive, transformative technique.  All of the elements, especially the curvature of lines, are refined into a harmoniously expressive balance.  Due to a process of continuously evolving elements, use of acrylic paints seemed to make sense, since layers of acrylic dry very quickly.  This allows a building up of many layers of paint, so her shapes, (and their colour, and shading) transform and become increasingly definitive as a painting progresses.  And the vibrancy gets kicked up a notch with every layer!

In addition to her continuing explorations in paint, Ferrari currently offers workshops in acrylics, including “Trouncing the Colour Wheel”, “Art from Random Elements”, “Explorations with Tessellations”, “Collaboration Ideations” (a team building workshop), and a seminar on “Visual Literacy”.

To Contact Ami Ferrari:

Phone: 519-208-7729

    Ami Ferrari