Amy Roger

Artist Statement

It starts with an inspiration – an idea or a theme. I gather visual references and start to arrange them in an exciting compositional sketch. Then I choose an unusual colour palette to suit the mood of the painting, and, with each piece I try something new – a new colour combination, a dramatic brushstroke, mixed media, etc. I am constantly experimenting.

I like to explore relationships – colours to other colours, figures and patterns, etc. in my paintings. My work can be seen at several galleries and boutiques from Stratford to Toronto. You can get daily updates from my Twitter feed @arogerluv2paint, and see events feed on News/Blog on my website:

I enjoy organizing art events, and teaching art to all ages. I am currently working on a mural in Kitchener, and hope to do more of that type of work in the future. You can see me in action at my studio: #12 Globe Studios, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener.


Born in Boston, MA, raised in rural Minnesota and moved to Oakville as a teen. Formally educated in Fine Arts in Syracuse, NY  and Museum Studies in San Francisco, CA. Earlier in her career worked for zoos, museums and aquariums as an exhibit artist, designing, fabricating and installing natural history exhibits. Her work has taken her from NYC to Mexico City, to Whistler, BC. Most recently worked as an exhibit technician in a public art gallery. She currently is working as an Art Educator and painting full-time at Globe Studios in Downtown Kitchener. Her home is in Cambridge, ON.


To Contact Amy Roger:

Twitter: @arogerluv2paint
Address:  #12 Globe Studios, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener

    Amy Roger