BOX 09 Artists & Event Photos

BOX Art Show & Sale was launched in November 2009 with BOX 09 at the Boehmer Box Factory in Kitchener. The seven participating artists were:

  • Waterloo sculptor and mixed-media artist Cathy Farwell’s most recent body of work involves painting on chemically patinated copper surfaces, inspired by a love of the garden and things natural.
  • Fatima Garzan, from Waterloo, uses the dynamics of the geometrical force in her paintings and prints to explore the joy of being in a continual present and a tribute to the concept of “living in the moment.”
  • Kitchener painter Irina Likholet employs light to emphasize her love and dedication to representational art and to embrace its best features when speaking the traditional language with new insights about the modern world in her artwork.
  • Darlean Morris, from St. Marys, views nature with an eye on pattern and movement, light and shade, all in a balance with outer and inner meaning.  Her work gives the viewer a glimpse into the world of abstraction, a visual language of colour, texture and form.
  • Michelle Salter’s mixed-media drawings search for insight and understanding in the ideas of rediscovery and process, thereby uncovering new potential in their application. Underlying her work is the questioning of what defines art and style. Salter lives in Stratford, Ontario.
  • Stratford’s Erik Sansom creates paintings that spring from his 30 years of experience as a nationally and internationally read cartoonist. His bright, bold paintings look at life through a funhouse mirror as he seeks to entertain his audience with imagery culled from their collective baby boomer youth.
  • Denise Strong, from the K-W area, finds inspiration for her paintings in both the natural world (especially Northern Ontario’s rugged beauty) and in abandoned buildings, where slowly nature is reclaiming what humans left behind.

Reception Photos

Photos by Sean Puckett