Box 12 Weekend Event

BOX 12 Art Show & SaleNovember 16, 17, 18 

at … The former Right House Department Store, 60 Main St., Cambridge

Open to the Public Nov. 17 & 18 from 1- 4 pm
Special Pre-Show History and Art Talks – Enjoy a $5 Gourmet BOX Lunch!
Admission is free!

Twenty-four juried visual artists’ work on display.
A percent of all BOX 12 art sales is donated to Langs, formerly Langs Farm Association, this year’s Charity Partner.

Special free public pre-show BOX 12 Talks include:

BOX 12 History Talk 

“The History of Main Street Galt” with Bob Green; author of Eavesdroppings and It Takes All Kinds; and Jim Quantrell, former City of Cambridge Archivist. Perimeter Development Corporation, owners of 60 Main Street, will host this panel discussion; a wonderful combination of Jim’s historical facts and pictures with Bob’s fascinating, humorous stories. Actor and playwright Gary Kirkham will make a surprise appearance!
Sat. Nov. 17 from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm. Doors open at 11:00 am. Free. Open to the Public. No pre-registration required.

BOX 12 Art Talks

BOX 12 Jurors Mary Misner, Suzanne Luke and Soheila Esfahani offer two Art Talks!
10:30 to 11:30 am – Topics of particular interest to all visual artists – making art and the business of art.
12:00 to 12:45 pm. – A comparative look at BOX 12 artwork – great arts education from these experts!
Sun. Nov. 18 from 10:30 am to 12:45 pm. Doors open at 10:00 am. Free. Open to the Public. No pre-registration required.

Pre-order a $5 Gourmet BOX lunch at E.V.O. Kitchen to be delivered to the venue for your enjoyment during the BOX 12 Talks!
Limit one per visitor. Cash only.


New for BOX 12! Black T-shirts and butcher aprons with 3 special BOX Art logos. $20, all sizes, printed on-site by Screenworks