Brenda Hunniford

Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed various creative activities but had never taken a formal art class.  It wasn’t until 2009 that I finally decided to try my hand at painting.  I started by taking beginner acrylic painting classes.  I have continued to take part in the Artist Studio classes at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts with Laurie Wonfor-Nolan as well as Open Studio at the Homer Watson Gallery in Kitchener.  It was during these classes that I fell in love with the colour, flexibility and fluidity of painting with acrylics.

I was initially drawn to painting sea/landscapes because of my fascination by the sweeping nature of skies and horizons.  I love to work at capturing the look of clouds and have moved to working on pieces involving the reflective qualities of water.  At the moment, I have been experimenting with interpreting natural objects and have had fun with the look of light on the colour of items such as fruits and pieces of pottery.

Since I am relatively new to painting, I am excited to see my painting style evolve. I am using many colour combinations, palates and different types of subjects, including a variety of natural landscapes and even some work with abstracts.   My interest in what to paint is relatively fluid and changes depending on the seasons and what has ‘caught my eye’ lately, so I am never quite sure what direction my painting may take next!

As I begin to see myself more clearly as a painter and artist, I am realizing how much I am motivated by the interplay of colour and light on objects and landscapes around me.  I will continue to experiment with how the feelings that are evoked in me influence my interpretation on canvas.


Brenda Hunniford has had her art shown at the Woodstock Art Gallery as well as both the Cambridge Juried Arts Show and the Artists and Apprentices Show hosted by the Cambridge Centre for the Arts. She has participated in shows at the Wellington Artists Gallery in Fergus and the Button Factory in Waterloo.

To Contact Brenda Hunniford:

Address: Brenda Hunniford, 51 Highland Cr., Cambridge, Ontario, N1S 1L7



    Brenda Hunniford