Brian Douglas

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in and comfortable with the exploration of abandoned spaces. For this series I wanted to challenge myself to explore something different while still maintaining a similar feel to my work. The result is ‘to the right’: a blend of photographs featuring Newfoundland’s landscapes and honouring their ocean surroundings and fishing heritage. 

Newfoundland is a rugged, beautiful landscape, offering unique coastal scenery. The rocky shorelines, lighthouses and small working villages scattered across the island make for a very special photography experience. The frequently changing weather yields unpredictable yet beautiful skylines and dramatic lighting that enhances the character of each photograph. The results are a moody yet beautiful depiction of Newfoundland, Canada.


Brian Douglas is a photographer who thrives on finding new, creative forms of visual expression. His photographs depict nature and still life in their most raw and honest forms. Douglas believes that there is beauty to be found in any and all surroundings and strives to depict this with his photographs.

Douglas grew up in the Newmarket area but after completing a Master of Social Work degree through the University of Toronto he moved with his wife to Kitchener-Waterloo, where he continues to pursue his passion for photography.

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    Brian Douglas