Carrie Musselman


Carrie Musselman is a longtime local resident who is beginning her career as an artist having graduated in 2010 from the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. Since this time she has been represented by Canvas Gallery in Toronto, and is currently a part of an exhibition facilitated by WalterFedy called Local Landscapes. As a resident of the region of Waterloo, she has a keen awareness of the structural changes in the city and wishes to draw attention to both these changes and the often unnoticed and unique places located within it. Additionally, Musselman is interested in capturing and conveying a moment, time of day or aspect of light that captures her eye.

Artist Statement

Landscape is about place, and all places have a history, a past and present. My work explores the interaction of past and present, when preservation meets innovation, and when heritage is assimilated within a modernized or restructured environment. Kitchener-Waterloo is my space and it is in the process of renewal and transformation. Although this region has lost its industrial base, the places remain through retrofitting, rebuilding or adapting to be sustained.
Even though these spaces and issues are regional, they also reflect what is happening beyond my home. I conflate these issues through painting, rebuilding and rethinking the spaces around me: I pour, scrape and drag materials across the surface to change, and likewise rebuild a painted landscape that mirrors what is happening in my region.

To contact Carrie:

phone: (519) 893-9874