Cathy Farwell

Artist Statement

Three components are critical to my art practice as a mixed media artist. Technically, this involves an innovation, exploration, or application of materials and techniques across disciplines. The body of work must be bound by a thematic inspiration – usually based on a concern or question about the individual in contemporary society. Finally, the fundamentals and formal principles of design are applied in the creation of the artwork. This most recent body of artwork is concerned with the gap left by the decline of traditional institutions which defined both the individual and their social context, emphasized the common good being of greater importance than the individual; teaching rules of civility, conduct, and morality. How do people today address their spiritual needs, what feeds the soul and the spirit? What’s beyond self-indulgence, material goods, hedonism, consumption, escapism; the culture of the mall, the spa and the technical world? What are the present day sources of personal strength, renewal, peace and self evaluation? What brings about a sense of immunity, wholeness, connectedness, certainty and constancy deep in the night? This body of work is a visual exploration of these sources, and technically is an extension of my earlier work; creating paintings using patination techniques on copper.


Upon completion of a Bachelor of Education, Cathy taught children with special needs for The Waterloo County Board of Education. Following the birth of the first of two daughters, she left teaching to became a full-time mother and began taking community art courses in drawing, painting, fiber arts and clay. A decision to pursue art seriously led to enrolment as a mature student in the Fine Arts program at the University of Waterloo. Cathy received numerous awards for artistic merit and academic excellence. In 2003 a fine arts studio was established in an old factory in Kitchener. Cathy is the founder of the Artists Critique Group, the BOX Art Show and Sale, the general organizer of their annual November show, and has served as juror for the City of Kitchener Public Art Competition, among other volunteer community art activities. The artist lives in Waterloo with her family and is represented by Harbinger Gallery. Locally Cathy’s work has been shown at BOX 09, Globe Studios, The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Gallery 96, The Waterloo City Atrium, The Walper Terrace Hotel, Eldon Gallery, and Homer Watson House and Gallery.

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