Christina Preece


Christina Preece attended the University of Western Ontario, graduating with a degree in Finance and Economics.  She went on to attend the University of Waterloo, receiving an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Christina’s main focus is landscape painting, using the natural world as a tool for contemplation.  Her work evolves from a combination of personal photographs and imagination, and intends to translate the play of light, reflection and air with a sense of heightened reality.  
Christina lives in Southern Ontario, and balances the demands of family life with the need for solitude and time to paint.

Artist Statement

I am interested in visually capturing the introspective feeling acquired when one quietly and intently observes their surroundings. I want to explore the quality of nature that is felt as much as seen.  
I paint landscape ‘moments’ that I have first captured with a photograph, which I, personally, find beautiful and meditative; my hope is that the viewer can relate in kind.
With busy, modern lifestyles, we overlook much while we hustle from place to place; I want to take the time to inspect something so closely that I am intimate with it, and through my paintings, perhaps I can encourage others to do the same … to pause for a moment to be open and present.

To contact Christina:

phone: (519) 896-9377