Christina Preece

Artist Statement

I am attempting to illustrate the meditative, dream-like, often surreal, quality of traveling by car.  The idea of simultaneously being in motion while seated in a car, between a place of departure and a final destination intrigues me.  Scenes viewed while driving are fleeting and beautiful.  For me, the act of driving is representative of meditation … observing life while passing through it, yet not getting too ‘caught up’ with it or lingering too long.  With my work, I hope to encourage the viewer to become more observant of their surroundings, and to use time spent traveling to cultivate an appreciation of the journey itself.


Christina Preece attended the University of Western Ontario, acquiring a degree in Finance and Economics.  She went on to attend the University of Waterloo’s Fine Arts program, graduating with Honours.  Christina’s landscape paintings evolve from a combination of personal photographs and imagination.  Her intent is to translate the play of light and air in our natural world with a sense of tranquility and magical realism.  Christina lives in the Waterloo Region, and balances the demands of family life with time for solitude and painting.

To Contact Christina Preece:

Phone: 519-896-9377

    Christina Preece