Christina Preece

Artist Statement

Through art I am interested in capturing a meditative or contemplative feeling that one gets when one quietly and intently observes their surroundings. I want to bring attention to an energy that is felt more than seen: wind pushing leaves and grass; oxygen, surrounding and sustaining us; sunlight, giving depth and warmth; mysterious forces we can only sense.

We overlook so much in our lives. I want to take the time to inspect something so closely that I am intimate with it, and through art, perhaps I can encourage others to do the same … to pause for a moment, pay attention, get in touch with their soul and their surroundings … and be present.


Christina Preece studied at the University of Western Ontario and graduated in 1992 with a BA in Finance and Economics. It was clear to her, after working in accounting for three years, that this was not her correct path.  She went on to study at the University of Waterloo, where she received an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Christina is concentrating on a series of land/skyscape paintings that illustrate her love for nature and rural countryside, with an emphasis on observing the play of light on cloud formations and the movement of wind in trees and grass. She also enjoys producing highly realistic works in pencil that are a variation of traditional still-life drawings. She is a member of  ”KWSA” and enjoys participating in local KW art shows and Waterloo Regionʼs art community.

She is influenced and inspired by artists such as the late London, Ontario artist Jack Chambers, as well as Alex Colville, Edward Hopper, John Singer Sargent, Johannes Vermeer, Jacob Van Ruisdael, and of course Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven.

Christina lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her husband and two sons. She is focussed on raising a family, painting, and achieving a balanced life through exercise, nutrition and reading.

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