Dave White

Artist Statement

Through my work, I create and explore figurative scenes representing unrelated story fragments that are open to completion or explanation by the viewer.  The human form is the gateway into the dream-like contexts of my paintings.  I strive to inject a rich ambiguity into the work to set up tension and elicit questions: What has happened? What will happen?  My goal is to connect with the resonant memories of my audience to personalize their experience.

I have a deep interest in representing the human figure and enjoy the challenge of conjuring up an intriguing narrative about the nuances of human nature.


Raised on the shores of Lake Huron, in Point Edward, Ontario, Dave White grew up with the irresistible urge to create.  He moved to, and remains in, the Waterloo Region since attending the University of Guelph in 1989 for a BA in Fine Arts.

After many years of exhibiting and selling his graphite drawings, as well as pieces of photography and sculpture in Toronto and the Waterloo Region, Dave was gradually seduced by the entire process and endless possibilities of oil painting.  He now finds that his large scale paintings offer him greater freedom to produce more powerful images.

    White David - The Future Awaited