Denise Strong

Artist Statement

For the Box 11 show I am exhibiting recent photographs of the RMS factory in Kitchener and the American Standard factory in Hespeler.

When exploring these sites it was detail that captured my imagination. The photos do not serve as documentation, but rather catch moments where detail, light and composition create a singular impression, not necessarily reminiscent of its origin and evoking alternate visions.  My aim is, that I captured the sense of discovery and inspiration I experienced at these sites.

When immersing myself in these historic factories they evoke thoughts of hard physical labour, interaction of man and machine and the courage and innovation of our early manufacturing pioneers.  In our increasingly technology based lifestyle the physical effort required to do our work is forever diminishing and with it these very tactile connections and a sense of place.


Denise Strong is a visual artist, photographer and active supporter of the arts in Kitchener Waterloo.  She was born in the Netherlands, where she obtained a degree in Hotel Management.  In 2005 she opened “behind the Red Door Gallery and workshop” where she supported and showed the work of local emerging artists, held group shows and showed and exhibited her work.  Since that time her work has shown in nine exhibitions in the Region of Waterloo. The muse for her artistic pursuit is the remarkable natural beauty of the Ontario landscape and the industrial heritage of its cities.

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