Denise Strong


Denise Strong is a visual artist, photographer and active supporter of the arts in Kitchener Waterloo. She was born in the Netherlands, where she obtained a degree in Hotel Management. In 2005 she opened “behind the Red Door Gallery and Studio” where she supported and showed the work of local emerging artists, held group shows and also exhibited her own work. At present her paintings and photographs are exhibited throughout the Kitchener Waterloo area and she is represented in corporate and private collections throughout Canada.

Artist Statement

Trees are an essential link to human survival. They prevent erosion by being deeply rooted in our fertile soil and their canopies shade us from the sun, while providing oxygen through the absorption of carbon dioxide. Our trees shelter birds, small animals and insects and decaying leaves provide nutrients to the soil.
Yet time and time again we lay this natural resource to waste with unregulated cutting and burning, thereby slowly destroying an essential key to our survival on earth.
These photos expose the beauty and patterns of bark, aiming to remind us to treasure this natural resource. Strong yet fragile and as varied as only nature can be, trees remind us to pause and reflect on their sustaining beauty and the essential role they play in our life.
September, 2012

To contact Denise:

address: 287 Shakespeare Drive Waterloo, ON, N2L 2T9
phone: 519 885-0757