Fatima Garzan

Artist Statement

I grew up in Iran, a land of much contrast and contradiction.  A country steeped in culture and history, blessed with stunning landscape of majestic mountains and magical deserts, sunshine and blue skies, and yet cursed by relentless and instability. For me, moving to Canada was an eye-opening experience, which gave me a new lease on life; I re-invented myself as an artist.

In making art the notion of the true beauty of the artistic process is in part due to its uncertainty and uniqueness. I work directly on canvas without any source of imagery by shaping and giving form to my memories, thoughts, and imaginations spontaneously. I freely explore the materiality of the paint and its relationships to repetition, patterning, and mark making, which allow the work to develop. This process of repetition stress the concept of meditation and is reminiscent of hand made Persian rugs and the rich colours of Persian tiles, which are created using the same concept.

Most often, I start by staining the canvas in the middle with a splotch of colour and allow it to inspire and guide me towards what is to come next. I then layer and overlap the surface tightly with paint until the dynamic tensions of colour, form, and texture reveal the biomorphic or broken geometric forms, while the overall structure is an imperfect circle. I re-work my paintings and the finished works reveal traces of the many layers of paint underneath that unveil deeper content as the work view over time.


Fatima Garzan was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Canada in 1992.  Garzan has a BA in Economics and studied Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo where she received her Honours Bachelor of Arts in painting and printmaking in 2005.  She has exhibited in Canada and Iran.  Her works are included in the Canada Council Art Bank, the City of Kitchener, the University of Waterloo prints archive, and private collections. She is one of the founding members of BOX, a regional art show showcasing local artists in the Waterloo Region.

To Contact Fatima Garzan:

Email: fatima@fatimagarzan.com
Website: www.fatimagarzan.com

    Fatima Garzan