Greg Kirch

Artist Statement

With content consuming less of my attention I focus now more on the physical act of painting.

My subject matter starts out very simple and ordinary.

I do not focus on texture or size or content.

What I start out doing is not about painting – it is a distraction.

The progression through repetition and the motion towards a paintings completion have turned into a form of meditation (the day to day work).

I exhaust the aesthetic.

I usually get through the congestion.

This process is work.

I don’t want it to come easily.

I spend many hours painting.

For some reason I have to work out the possibilities on the canvas.


A painter born in Elmira, lives in Waterloo.

Attended the BFA program at the University of Windsor.

He paints with oils and acrylic, on canvas, wood and paper.

To contact Greg:

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