Heather Franklin

Artist Statement

“Art is like a secret, an epigraph. It is literally cut out of life. We must not try to show too much, to divulge everything, to unveil too much. “ Annette Messager

I have been working in drawing, etching, mixed media and installations about myself and the world around me. My images explore the concepts of womanhood, relationships, funny and cruel issues, the macabre, the full catastrophe of life. As I get older I care less about whether I will have a “pretty picture” and more with if an image touches me or the onlooker. My aesthetic influences are Kathy Kollewitz, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Annette Messager and Goya.


Heather Franklin is a visual artist living and working in the Region. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, she has spent over 20 years working as an artist, instructor, curator, gallery technician and arts administrator.

Heather has been involved in organizations such as, Waterloo Regional Arts Council, Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists, Cambridge Sculpture Garden, Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, Arts Advisory Committee of Cambridge. She is the recipient of the Bernice Adams Award, the Y.W.C.A. Women of Distinction Award and the Citizen of the Year Award. Heather is currently a member of the collective, the Riverside Print Group.


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