James Nye

Artist Statement

My paintings are rooted in the realist, descriptive tradition of oil painting. The beauty is in looking and not necessarily what you are looking at, so whether they consist of clouds, graffiti or people, means little. What matters to me is how these things are given shape through the fundamental principles of light.

In my most recent work, I offer the viewer contemplative glimpses into a world much like our own. Through the use of reflection and manipulated imagery, my aim is to fracture the picture plane into layers. The forms that emerge, both obvious and obscure, create a forced introspection whereby the viewer must consider the meaning of the imagery. It is in this contemplative state that I believe the evidence of beauty is revealed.

To Contact James Nye:

Twitter: @eimajeyn
Email:  eimajeyn@gmail.com
Website: www.jamesnye.com
Phone: 5197427786
Address: 1-20 Ontario Street North, Kitchener, ON, N2H 4Y4

    James Nye