Joe Martz


Joe Martz is a native of Kitchener, Ontario and an avid architectural and urban photographer. He studied graphic design
at Conestoga College for three years and has been working in the field since he graduated in June 2002. Photography was
introduced to him during his time in college but it wasn’t until after he graduated that he took it up as a serious hobby
and began teaching himself how to take pictures. Photography is a major aspect of both his current and previous lines
of work and he has been involved in numerous art shows and exhibitions in recent years including BOX11, Encore, and
A Day & A Night, Art Meets Music. The main inspiration behind his work is David Bradford, a photographer from New York
City. He has tried to emulate David’s style but has also developed his own unique approach to taking pictures. He enjoys
using photography for both showcasing to the artistic community and as a creative outlet.

Artist Statement

The Waterloo Region has a strong manufacturing history so I wanted to photograph some of these landmarks for
BOX12. The Hespeler Furniture Co., Lang Tanning Co., Rumpel Felt Co., and Krug Inc. are all companies founded years ago
whose original buildings still stand today. The older structures with their painted brick façades, large windows, and master
brickwork stand out impressively in comparison to the monotonous monolithic factories of today. Some of these remaining
buildings have been re-purposed, some are still used for their original intent, and some are sitting dormant and unused.
Whatever their current use, they are a reminder of the region’s manufacturing history and add greatly to the landscape
of the cities in which we live.

To contact Joe:

phone number: 519-577-1939
twitter: @joemartz