Joe Martz

Artist Statement

One of the main reasons Martz likes to travel is so he can take photographs of new places. In April of 2011 he did just that as he visited, all for the first time, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, with a few other stops in along the way. Urban areas and especially architecture are two subjects he enjoys photographing immensely so he kept those themes prevalent in all of his pieces.

Martz’s normal process for taking photographs is spent by himself. It allows him to concentrate on something he enjoys doing more than almost anything else all while giving him the personal time that he, like everyone else, needs. He spent his time in these cities mostly to observe the architecture and make his own record of it with his camera. The photographs Martz has submitted for Box11 all contain famous architectural landmarks that he wanted to see and capture while visiting, some of which include the Empire State Building in New York, Philadelphia’s City Hall, the B&O Warehouse located in Baltimore, and the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh.


Joe Martz is a native of Kitchener, Ontario. He studied graphic design at Conestoga College for three years and has been working in the field since he graduated in June 2002. Photography was introduced to him during his time at college but it wasn’t until after he graduated that he took it up seriously and began teaching himself how to take pictures. David Bradford, a photographer from New York City, is the main inspiration behind his work. He has tried to emulate David’s style but has also developed his own unique approach to taking pictures. He enjoys using photography for both showcasing to the artistic community and as a creative outlet.

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