Karoline Varin-Jarkowski

Artist Statement

The altered books and the paintings reflect on the same theme: the transience of life. Life is composed of fleeting moments that quickly become memories – like flower petals or feathers, these moments become dust. We hold on to them through these memories, we enclose them in keepsakes, in photo albums, in treasure boxes, in books, in paintings…As human beings we have a deep need to keep being, to extend our existence. Memories/keepsakes, religion and spirituality help us – however adequately or inadequately – to live on.


Karoline Varin-Jarkowski, a graduate of the BFA Program at the University of Waterloo (1997), and member of the Ontario Society of Artists, specializes in oil painting and altered books. She works with decorators and private clients on commissions and teaches at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery. Karoline has been involved in various curatorial projects in the area and is represented locally by Paula White-Diamond Art Gallery and by galleries in Oakville, Toronto and Ottawa. Her book work is in the National Collection of Polish Contemporary Book Art of the Museum of Lodz, Poland. Her main thematic concerns are the varied interpretations of time and reality.

To contact Karoline:
website: www.karolinevarin.com
email: kvarin@yahoo.com


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