l.t. dougherty

Artist Statement

When an artist chooses to take the step from making art for pleasure into making art as a career, there are certain obstacles that are not widely discussed that can derail even the most determined creator.  This series is about these obstacles.

Upon graduating from art college in 1992, I set out with all the great intentions of becoming a famous Canadian artist, willing to do whatever I had to in order to achieve this goal – joining numerous local art groups, sending out packages and proposals to as many galleries as I could afford, applying for grants, volunteering at an artist-run gallery and later working for that same gallery.  Like so many artists, I often took many meaningless, low paying jobs in order to make the money needed to further my career, and in 2003 I hit a wall.  Not only was I not succeeding as a professional artist, I had ceased to even want to create art anymore, even as I continued to make art.  I found that everything I read, everything I saw, only solidified the thoughts in my mind that everything I had to say about art had been said before, by artists far more eloquent than I, and felt it was futile to even continue.  However, in 2009, after a conversation with a fellow sculptor about why we make art, I came to realize what exactly the obstacles were that were keeping me from making anything that I felt to be ‘of value’ in my studio.  This lead to the first work in this series, “fear”, and the rest of the series followed.  So far, four pieces in the series are completed, with a total of eight planned.

It is my intention to expose these obstacles through the image most familiar to anyone in the art field – the studio.  My hope is to bring these obstacles out into a place where they can be discussed, and hopefully, conquered.


l.t.dougherty has been working as an artist since she graduated from the Sculpture/Installation course at OCAD in 1992.  During those nearly twenty years her work has spanned, crossed, and combined numerous mediums including performance art, poetry and short story writing, monocasts, sculptural castings, oil paint and watercolour, and sculptural collage pop-ups.  She is, however, best known for her work in self-defined myth cabinets.  Myth cabinets typically are built using salvaged wooden boxes and objects and combine word, sculpture, paint, and collage.  As director of an artist-run gallery in London, Ontario, she assisted her peers in pursuing their own art careers.  Previously she taught sculptural workshops in a variety of mediums for children and, throughout her life, has volunteered in various art-related capacities.

Dougherty’s current interest has lead her to working on larger sculpture/painted works for exhibitions.  Her work has been shown in various locations across Canada, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, France, Colorado, Texas, and Lithuania.  These shows were both juried and unjuried, group and solo exhibitions.

Her work is in permanent and private collections internationally.

To contact L.T.:
email: ltdougherty@gmail.com

    Dougherty l.T. - Loneliness