Lara Romanow

Artist Statement

These 4 prints were created using acrylic ink on linoleum plates. I am interested in using linoleum as it has striking effects, especially when using black ink. The prints titled “Casual Meeting Place” and “Farewells” are combined as a series. The perspective is from the legs down so we do not in fact see the heads or faces of these women. The prints reflect the reality that we will never truly know the strangers that pass by us. We will never be able to see in each other’s minds to know the “real story”.

The print titled “Ideas of Perfection” came from the idea I have of a perfect tranquil place. In this case – a perfect garden. The final print entitled “Bass” is part of a series of fish prints. I have become intrigued with partially-real and partially fantasy fish. This idea stemmed from the many fishing adventures I used to have with my grandfather – and also because I just wanted to do some prints of fish. As you can see, I use a bold style that is dark, but not in a way that insists misery but shouts through movement.


I was born in Woodstock, Ontario and grew up in Cambridge in K-W Region. Although I have never had any formal artistic training, it has always been important for me to study different mediums of art my whole life. I have had displays previously at the Cambridge Galleries as part of the Print Fair and Sale, and took part in other studio sales in Guelph. I plan to study art formally at some point in the future – but as for now, I will continue to develop my talents as I have been. Art has been helpful at all stages of my life – my passion and my method of expression.

To contact Lara:
phone: 519-841-4772.


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