Laura Cook

Artist Statement

The true art of my photography lies not in the camera but in my mind’s eye. Appreciating and capturing what is before me, presenting its everlasting beauty brings great joy. I draw inspiration from the world around us, which is often over looked or taken for granted. I present these images with anticipation of sharing an emotional response with my audience.  Continually I strive for growth and push the boundaries with my creativity. I am honoured sharing this vision with you.


Cambridge, Ontario photographer Laura Cook embarked on her photographic journey in 2003 with the purchase of her first film SLR.  With instruction of camera operation she quickly learned how to use her tool and enjoyed spending many hours perfecting her craft of photography and developing her unique eye.  Cook’s passion was ignited. She was well on her way to pursuing a life and love of photography.

Cook enjoys capturing the world around her to showcase the abundant beauty that is found in the everyday.  She thrives on versatility and explores all her chosen subject matter with great care and passion.  Whether it is nature, urban, architecture, abstract, industrial, low light, or whatever may peak her interest, she is compelled to capture and share the story.  With all subject matter, Cook is most passionate about the detail, which tells the story.

Exhibiting since 2004, she has been privileged and honoured to showcase her work at various venues throughout Waterloo Region and beyond.  Cook’s highlights have been a group exhibition in Times Square, NYC in 2012 and humanitarian photography in Guatemala, 2011.

Cook thrives on continuous learning, exploring and developing her photographic talents. She is versatile with varied avenues of proficiency, she simply loves everything photography!

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    Laura Cook