Laura Renwick

Artist Statement

My work primarily speaks about unity. We tend to categorize everything, severing “humans” from “animals”, when really we all exist on a continuum. There may be behaviours we consider to be more human or civilized, and those that are more animal or feral. However these are behaviours that we all display to some extent, and that unify us. My work exists to show us in a critical light, to show human reflected in animal, and animal in human, blurring the lines that normally exist when categorizing what is “us” versus “them”. Each painting has been carefully staged, depicting the extremes of these behaviours and it is also meant to be imbued with some humour, as the situations depicted are unlikely at best.


Laura is a figurative painter whose side projects and past-times include things like sewing, playing video games, and learning to knit. She is a recent graduate at University of Waterloo, where she obtained a BA in Honours Arts (with a Fine Art Studio Specialization) and a minor in Psychology. She loves teaching children, especially about art, so much so that she hopes to become an elementary school teacher in the near future.

To contact Laura:
cell: 519-807-0242.


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