Marie Gingerich

Artist Statement

Upon seeing a small image that I had painted, a juror suggested that I might be interested in enlarging on the concept of the image. In the center of interest, this piece had flowers with the background broken into squares and rectangles. The juror felt that it might bring the traditional watercolour medium into our more contemporary world.

In thinking on this, I realized that everything we see today is broken into geometrics. In particular, when we turn on any of our electronic devices like our computers or cell phones, everything is contained in lines, squares or rectangles. It is what we constantly see and the way we have learned to think. However, we also have the need for the organic in our lives to nurture us spiritually, physically and mentally. In meditating and sketching with both aspects in mind, I became excited to do this body of work. For me, it combines the geometric with the organic in a visually pleasing way. The combination also nurtures the basic human needs of spirit, mind, and body.


Gingerich started her art career in her early fifties by taking four studio courses at the University of Waterloo. She followed this with several weekend workshops in watercolour. From there, it was self-teaching and learning by experience.

She has participated in several juried art shows and teaches watercolour classes at her home studio in New Hamburg.

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