Mark Walton

Artist Statement

Entropy fascinates me. From the moment of our birth we are engaged in the process of growth and decay. The minute a building is erected it begins its’ own slow demise. There is almost always something that take its’ place, but that too is eventually lost.

I use my photography to freeze time. Change often happens so slowly that we cannot see it. In fact, we often are oblivious to it until it has already occurred. Photography helps slow the decay to a mere instant, and in the process, can reveal something completely different to what was expected.

It is my intent that my photography allow the viewer to be reflective of the day to day. To see the shifts that occur in our culture, our community, our spaces and ourselves. And hopefully, to see the inherent beauty in life.


Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Mark specializes in fine art photos and portraiture. As a photographer he has shown at CAFKA and has a solo show at The Button Factory in Waterloo, February – March 2011. He is showing at the BOX 10 Show in November 2010 and has received funding from the Ontario Arts Council for his projects. Mark has done work for the University of Waterloo and sells to private collectors. As a graphic artist he has designed numerous catalogues, websites and company publications, and has done branding for major clients.

To contact Mark:
phone: 519-242-5519


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