Meghan Harder

Artist Statement

My primary interest as an artist is to test the capacity of art to address prodigious political, social, and environmental issues. I do so through the use of mixed media, public installation, intervention, and performance. My focus on installation outside of the gallery space is driven by my desire to engage the general public in a visual discourse concerning these issues. Due to the nature of my subject matter, my research is often interdisciplinary and my process collaborative.

My most recent work responds to the environmental issues that pose increasingly eminent challenges for today’s society. The work included in The Box art Show 2013 are photo-documented interventions that portray contrasting dystopian and utopian scenes in which humanity has either failed or exceeded at collaborating with the natural world. Together, the series reveals a cautionary tale that confronts viewers with the challenging road that lies ahead for humanity and the environment.


Meg Harder was born in St. Catharines, Ontario and completed her BA in Fine Art and Psychology at the University of Waterloo in April 2013, a process that included 6 months at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. She has exhibited locally and internationally, including The Artery, Zavitz!, The Button Factory, Bezalel Fine Arts Gallery, and The Mexico Hall at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Harder has also been featured in local art events such as the Niagara Region’s 2013 In the Soil Arts Festival and Night\Shift in Kitchener. She is currently active in underground arts movements in the KW area and hopes to continue to engage ordinary citizens through collaboration in the fields of art and activism.

To Contact Meghan Harder:

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    Meghan Harder