Nancy Yule

Artist Statement:

My work begins with informal explorations of various materials’ properties
and how I can apply stitch to them. It then extends by considering my
personal connection to the material and through intuitive combination, I
create innovative fibre art. I strive for a visual interplay between texture,
colour and shadow.

In my current work, I combine manipulating fibre with the traditional
process of encaustic wax. I am intrigued with capturing fibre in an enduring
form with beeswax and resin. My pieces focus on my personal vocabulary of
the materials and their elements. This intentional blending of the warmth
of fibre with the encapsulation of hardened wax reveals an unique mergence
of mediums.

Artist Biography:

Nancy Yule is a self-taught fibre artist who challenges herself with breaking
tradition and exploring new combinations. In 2010, at the Cambridge
Centre for the Arts she had a solo exhibition entitled, “Random Acts of

In 2011 her work was exhibited in the Hard Twist: Obsession exhibition at
the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, ON. In 2012, her art pieces will be shown
at The Gallery at Sheridan Institute, Oakville ON Memento mori, Common
Thread International exhibition and The Gallery Queen Elizabeth Park
Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville ON Quiet Zone, Common
Thread International exhibition.

Nancy Yule is a long-time resident of Cambridge, ON with her family and
pets. Her art is currently displayed and sold in local galleries and art shows.
Her art pieces have been bought and sent around the world.

To contact Nancy:

phone: 519-622-6744