Pamela Rojas


I am a visual artist with a passion for ceramic that seeks to express the diversity, vitality and freedom of ceramic art; a personal plastic expression that can be unlimited. I am exploring clay, this most ancient and abundant medium.

I am fanatical about styling and spending a huge energy in getting things right, making pieces that look beautiful while having meaning. I am an artist that celebrates the handmade, with strong concept and meaning that straddles the disciplines of ceramic, sculpture, painting, murals, drawing and ultimately design.

My designs are inspired between a mix of pre-Columbian and Latin American design, where my pieces present a connection to my ancestors.  I explore colours, emotion, and basic iconographies are represented in American ceramic and textile artifacts. The essence and the character of my style sprout in the innocence of mind and in simplicity, which removes constrains and allows more liberty in the matter of composition.


Pamela Rojas was born in Santiago, Chile. She moved in 1995 to Spain and she studied in the prestigious ceramic school Della Robbia in Seville, where she finished the specialty of sculpture and modeling in ceramic. In 1996 she started to be the muralist assistant of the Spanish muralist Ximena Ahumada de Avila and for a few years they painted murals around the city with a group of women in need of social support and community integration. Rojas also worked closely with local painters and ceramists, participating in collective exhibitions.

In 1999 Rojas moved to the USA and started to be an active member in the Arlington Lee community art center in Washington DC. She was the artist assistant of ceramist Alfredo Ratinoff in the creation of the ceramic mural for the Columbia library in Arlington. She moved for 3 years to Louisville,   Kentucky, where she worked in the Latin community centre as an artist resident, creating an art therapy group for mothers and children under domestic violence.

Rojas moved to Canada in 2005 and she is an active artist member in the community. Her last work was to design and paint an outdoor mural for YWCA Mary’s Place in downtown Kitchener in September 2013. She has painted several murals in the Kitchener–Waterloo Region. Now she has her studio in Kitchener where she continuously creates, paints and develops new fusion artwork between her two passions: ceramic and paint.

To Contact Pamela Rojas: 

Address: Globe Studios-141 Whitney Street #12. Kitchener
Phone: (519) 722 4087

    Pamela Rojas