Patrick Stieber

Artist Statement

Somehow I have come to see the Lake as representing old places. Her coasts, with the sagging tobacco barns and the re-purposed fishing ports and the old American rust belt cities, fill me with a deep apprehension. Everywhere there are tired monuments to the stories our fathers used to tell – that summer they worked for sixteen dollars an hour in the tobacco fields or the cautionary tales about the toxic air inside the old sintering plant. The stories seem to live here. A constant presence on the shores and in waters to remind us of what was lost, and what will be lost.


Patrick Stieber grew up in rural southern Ontario before moving to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson University. After struggling to maintain the energy and passion for photography that had taken Stieber to Ryerson, he moved to Kitchener, where he felt the environment was more conducive for his creativity. Having

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