Patrick Stieber

Artist Statement

The selected images displayed here are from the series Southwardly, an exploration of the
mundane and everyday places that inhabit the American landscape. Being influenced by
photographers such as Phil Bergerson and Jeff Brouws, and the writing of J.B Jackson, my work in Southwardly is focused on how the design of human based landscapes create a sense of place (or nonplace), and how that sense of place develops social identity. My work in the series seeks to move beyond the mythical and romantic images that litter the canon of American landscape imagery and focus on the new landscapes being created by the continued growth of the United States.


Patrick Stieber grew up in rural southern Ontario before moving to Toronto to study photography at Ryerson University. After struggling to maintain the energy and passion for photography that had taken him to Ryerson, Stieber moved to Kitchener, where he felt the environment was more conducive for his creativity. Having completed his BFA from Ryerson University Patrick Stieber continues to live and work in Kitchener.

To contact Patrick:

address: 135 Mill Street
phone: 226-600-0458