Raegan Jennifer Little

Artist Statement

As an avid reader from a long line of avid readers, I spend a lot of time thinking about words. Years ago a good friend gave me a Dictionary of Idioms, and since then I have played around with the idea of using idioms in an artistic way. I enjoy having fun with words and photography, so taking photos of idioms was an engaging and fulfilling experience.

In this instance, my intention was to create a contemporary body of work that will require some thought by the viewer. After narrowing the idiom options to a few dozen, I gathered props from friends, rummaged my basement and scoured second hand stores. Those found objects and a glue gun in hand, I began the process of photographing my chosen idioms.

The possibilities seem limitless, but some of my favourite images have been chosen for this series. “Written All Over Your Face” is whimsical and ironic, as the plastic emotionless face has nothing written on it but the words themselves. “Tooth and Nail” is slightly disturbing and possibly violent, but the idiom means to fight violently to the bitter end… and teeth being pulled do just that.


After completing an LLB and a JD, Little practiced law in Kitchener for a few years. She left law to start her now busy family, and has never looked back. When asked what she “does”, she is always hesitant (and then excited) to answer “I am a photographer”. Little loves taking photos. Almost as much as she loves sangria and her children.

Little lives with her family in Waterloo and has been taking photos since she was a child. Remember the Kodak Disc camera? She has displayed and sold her work both privately and in a variety of local shows and exhibits, including Box 11, the Encore exhibit hosted at Walter Fedy, and the Nurture exhibit at The Button Factory. She is an Art Allies artist and considers herself very fortunate to be chosen as a Box 12 artist.

To contact Raegan:

email: raeganlittle@rogers.com
phone: 519-498-4738