Raegan Little

Artist Statement

As someone who is often anxious about the fast pace of the life we lead, I crave moments of calm.  The hectic daily rush rarely allows us to pause, take a deep breath, and remember what is truly important.  Taking photographs allows me to do just that – find moments of peace.  Regardless of what I am photographing, my goal is to capture an image that reminds me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings.

Other than being cropped, the photographs in this series have not been altered from their original form.  They were taken either at dusk or at dawn from the passenger seat of a moving car.  My intent was to create photos that resemble impressionistic paintings.  By using a slow shutter speed to photograph ordinary subject matter in beautiful light, an illusion of movement and small, thin yet visible brush strokes was produced.  Printing the photos on 100% cotton water colour paper enhanced the images, giving them a polished yet dreamy quality.


Living with her increasingly busy family in Waterloo, Raegan Little always has her camera in tow.  She loves taking photos, but does not love any of the work associated with post-production.  Hence, the 34,000 largely untouched photographs on her computer right now.

She has displayed and sold her work both privately and in a variety of local shows and exhibits, including the Box 11 and Box 12 Art Shows, the Encore exhibits at Walter Fedy, the Social Venture Partners 8×10 Expose Potential sale, the Nurture exhibit at The Button Factory and the Art Investment Fund sale.

To Contact Raegan Little:

Email: raeganlittle@rogers.com
Website: www.raeganlittlephotography.com
Phone: 519-498-4738


    Raegan Little