Raegan Little

Artist Statement

Although I have dabbled in various art forms, I have been drawn to photography for as long as I can remember.  While practicing as a lawyer was interesting, I always felt a creative void.  Creativity comes in so many forms, and for me it is about simplicity.  Life is chaotic.  Taking photographs allows me to slow everything down and to see the simple beauty in my subjects, whether they are people, places or things.

I only take photographs that make me happy, and I love colour and texture.  The altering of digital images is almost inevitable, but I like to keep it to a minimum.  Personally, I feel that the more a photograph is altered the less special and the more soulless it becomes.  Shooting an image in the best possible light and location is always my main goal.


Having lived in Waterloo for 15 years, Raegan has been very involved in the community.  She has served on a number of not-for-profit boards and committees, and in doing so has been fortunate enough to be involved in the local art scene in many ways.  “Building communities of all forms is extremely important to maintain healthy environments.  I am truly impressed with how the local arts community has come together over the past few years.  There seems to be a resurgence in the production of high caliber art, which I believe is due largely to the collaboration between local artists. ”

Raegan balances a busy family life with part-time photography work for a local furniture manufacturer.

To contact Raegan:
email: raeganlittle@rogers.com
website: www.raeganlittlephotography.com
phone: 519.498.4738

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