Sandra Muir

Artist Statement

The main aim of my photographic art is to tell a story. As a writer and photographer, context is important to me. So when I take a picture I’m often thinking: What is this building, tree, animal or person saying about this particular moment in this particular place?

As part of that main guiding principle, I use colour to add another layer of context. Reds, blues and greens brighten my summer photos, while winter shots may only have one small flash of red. Black and white is used exclusively on urban photos where they help tell the story.

I also like to think of my photos as works of non-fiction. To that end, I aim to keep my photographs as close to their original state as possible. What you see is what I saw.


Sandra Muir is a self-taught photographer who lives in Waterloo, Ontario. She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. She loves to travel, and her current collection of photographs come from trips to Greece, New York City, Chicago, Savannah, GA, Utah’s Zion National Park, and various destinations in Ontario and Quebec.

If you invited Sandra to your house, you would
find her…
Looking at the photos on your fridge and in your picture frames.

If she could travel anywhere, she would go to…
Zimbabwe. She hasn’t been back since immigrating to Canada when she was two.

Her favourite photographers are…
Helen Levitt for her ability to beautifully capture a single moment of street life in New York City, and her brother Mark Peterkins for his amazing eye.

She lives in Waterloo with…
Her husband Jamie, cats Paco and Marmalade, and an energetic puppy named Beatrice.

To contact Sandra:
phone: 519-635-8007


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