Susan Campbell

Artist Biography

Susan spends much of her life doing legal work so she embraces the liberty and creativity that photography affords her. She has no formal training in either art or photography but she has eagerly embarked on a journey of self-education.  In her photography, Susan attempts to demonstrate her interest in the passage of time through photographing weathered architectural details, cemeteries and nature.  Recently she has been involved in photographing Waterloo Region’s industrial past.  Her series includes highlights from her travels and her exploration of the past.

Artist Statement 

“Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire.”

John Dewey

My photography is governed by an interest in capturing the passage of time, be it seasons or centuries, in the architecture that surrounds us.  My current work includes studies of former factories in Waterloo Region which served specific purposes yesterday, and which may be revitalized today.  Before we proceed with their revitalization, we must appreciate their past.

Cemeteries also speak to me of the passage of time and of the significance of memory.  I have photographed cemeteries, large and small; new and old in southern Ontario and in Mexico.

In my recent photography I have attempted to capture moments from the past as reflected in Old World architecture.  I have a particular interest in medieval history and architecture, and my work includes studies of medieval French abbeys. These abbeys resound with the peace of a time and a life, long past.

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