Swati Soni

Artist Statement:

My work is guided by two inner most feelings: my insatiable love for striking colors and faith that journey is the real reward. For me, the process of making a painting is equally important to the final outcome. So my techniques to paint, which is mainly using fingers in the recent works, is itself an exciting play. Through my work, I am trying to capture the collective beauty of scattered chunks of colors; along with the mystique of smaller scales.


Swati Soni is self-taught 26 years old artist. She was born and brought up in India and earned Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science in 2007. After working as a lecturer for a while, she decided to pursue her passion in visual art. Her very first works in India were on portraits with oil colors. She arrived in Canada in 2010 and got the opportunity to learn acrylic medium from Amy Ferrari. Now, inspired by the beauty of Canadian Autumn, she mostly paints natural scenes. At the nascent stage of her career, she loves to experiment and tries to come up with her original techniques to express the beauty. Her latest experiment is to paint with bare fingers, which encompass most of the work in her recent paintings.


To contact Swati:
email: mail@swatiart.com
web site: www.swatiart.com

    Swati Soni - Autumn Morning