Terry Torra

Artists Statement

I consider myself a painter of landscapes but I often paint many things in the spaces around me. From large landscapes to microcosmic details of landscapes, they are all a source of inspiration. A wee bit of detail of Canadian Shield rock has as much potential for a painting as the expansive rocky shore of Georgian Bay or an east coast vista of sky and sea. I paint both realistically and abstract but my work always conveys something about the natures beauty, power and forces of nature that have caught my attention or stirred an emotion. A recent series called “Waterfall Works” done in acrylics, have become increasingly abstract. These are based on the many waterfalls found along the Niagara Escarpment. They attempt to capture the movement and life of the water through the use of texture and colour.

The current series represents another turn but one which explores the old passion of realism. This series, called “Grand Visions”, are works that have as their subject matter the life of the Grand River and its watershed. Here, man and nature interact visually in many ways that produce interesting scenes and ones of its own beauty and spiritual qualities.

As well as painting, I make prints, drawings and watercolours which are often studies for larger works and are often valid works in themselves. I have also completed works based on my extensive travels to areas such as Italy, Tibet and France.

Additionally, I am also an avid photographer who enjoys digitally enhancing and manipulating photographs to maximize their aesthetic impact.


Terry was born in southern Ontario and graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours Arts Degree (Visual Arts Major). He has exhibited extensively over the years across Ontario with work at the Art Gallery of Ontario and its rental service. Terry was a past recipient of the City of Cambridge’s Bernice Adams Award in the Visual Arts.. His work has been collected privately and by corporations in Canada and internationally and is retained at the Art Gallery of Ontario in the rental service.

Terry’s love of the outdoors has been a major influence on the past works which focus on the many aspects of nature’s beauty and its forces as found throughout Ontario and Quebec. Deformed rock layers, water, reflections and waterfalls; all these inspire his abstract landscape works in both oil and acrylic. Sensitivity to the paintings surface and resulting textures, colour and brush work are a primary concern in his works.

Although his work focuses on painting larger landscapes, he also enjoys creating serigraph prints, drawings and sculpture on a variety of subject matter. Terry is also an avid and accomplished photographer that has travelled extensively in Canada, Central America, Europe and the Far East. These travels also act as inspiration for many of Terry’s other works.

Terry currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario

To contact Terry:
email: ttttorra@hotmail.com

    Terry Torra - Crow Over North Dumphries Field