Tracy Wemp

Artist Statement

My objective with my art work is quite simply that I want to affect people. I like to give my viewers an organic experience of what they are looking at. I try to capture people with color and motivate them to stop and open up to what they see and have an experience that is unique to them. My paintings are more about the essence of the color and movement than the actual subject being portrayed. I want people to get involved with my paintings and connect with others over their interpretation of what they think it is about and how it makes them feel.


My Name is Tracy Wemp. I am 28 years old and have lived in Waterloo for 5 years now. I was born in Simcoe Ontario on October 3rd 1981 and was raised in Waterford, Ontario. I have strong artistic and musical influences in my family and have had a passion for creative expression from a very early age. I have huge aspirations to not only break out as a visual artist but also as a vocal artist. I am very excited to have to opportunity to come together with more like-minded, artistic people through art and music.

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