Wayne Galbraith

Artist Statement

With these works I seek to celebrate the beauty of the world around us, the natural landscape we see everywhere inspires me and fuels my imagination. I like to juxtapose landscapes with cartoon creatures, and bright popping foreground elements. My desire is to create art that leaves an impression on the viewer, something that hopefully will be unforgettable.


Wayne Galbraith is an accomplished professional tattoo artist, currently residing in Waterloo, Ontario. He has been a proud member of the Tora Tattoo family for the past ten years. Originally from Owen Sounds, Ontario, at a young age he pursued the world of professional tattooing. Apprenticing in 1995 he has continued to evolve as an artist, striving to bring a painting style to his tattooing. In an effort to showcase tattooing as art to the general public, he has curated several painting exhibits featuring the works of tattoo artists.

Most recently, January 2013, “You’ve been sleeping” featured art from himself and tattoo artists from all over Ontario, at Kitchener’s Chrysalids theatre.  In July 2013, he presented “Dedication” an exhibit of works from graffiti artists and tattoo artists, was displayed at Kitchener city hall’s Berlin Tower Artspace gallery.

To contact Wayne Galbraith:

Email: evil_ink_inc@hotmail.com
Instagram: cantcantcontainthewayne

    Wayne Galbraith