Yaeyul Kim

Artist Statement

I explore the theme of personal identity, my true self, as subject matter. Not only do I depict myself, but I also drag my families and old friends into my self-portraits. I constantly influence my people and am influenced by them in interests, behaviours, personalities, and even life style. I believe that the built-up interconnection of my people created me. I portray the nude as the real me and real people because nudity itself is very innocent and raw. However, I approach these nudes in a non-sexual, non commercial way. Gestural movements evoke multilayered moods or emotions at a very private and personal moment. I graft monotype reduction technique onto my nudes self portrait series by using black oil paint on a gold surface.


After graduating from University of Waterloo, majoring in Fine arts studio, Yaeyul has been working as a freelance artist in Waterloo, Ontario. She won the C. J. Mills Printmaking Award in 2008.
Her ideas come from daily thoughts, memories and experiences. She enjoys exploring ideas and developing new techniques for each theme.
“The study of art through its creation is her lifelong passion and pursuit.”

To contact Yaeyul:

address: 9-69 Columbia St. West, Waterloo, Ontario N2L3K6
email: yaeyul@yahoo.ca