Yaeyul Kim

Artist Statement

I have often discovered that the places from my memories are different in reality. A couple years ago, I revisited my old hometown thinking of my playful childhood memories. Frankly, I was disappointed to see differences between places in real and places I have always envisioned them. Then I realized that my good emotions and relationships with people around me at that time added to my memories and created new fantasy places in my mind.  As a result, my sweet memories become brighter and more beautiful while forms become uncertain and lose details. I began to revisit my places through my brush strokes from my memories on canvas. Lately, I have extended my painting to places I never been, but taking the same process and recreating my own places by altering forms and colours.

Artist biography

After graduating from University of Waterloo, majoring in Fine arts studio, Yaeyul has been working as a freelance artist in Waterloo, Ontario. She won C. J. Mills Printmaking Award in 2008.

Her ideas come from daily thoughts, memories and experiences. She enjoys exploring ideas and developing new techniques for each theme.

“The study of art through its creation is her lifelong passion and pursuit.”

To contact Yaeyul:
email: Yaeyul@yahoo.ca
website: www.yaeyul.com

    Kim Yaeyul - Place