The autoplay function (automatic game) in online slots

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Slots have slowly and surely become the most popular games available in online casinos, and the manufacturers are doing their best to give players the best possible experience. One of the functions present almost without exception in online casinos is that of “automatic game” or “autoplay”. Find out how useful it is and in what situations you could use it.

As the name suggests, the autoplay function represents the ability of the device to run automatically, without the intervention of the player. Immediately after you activate it, the slot will “press” the start/spin button repeatedly until a pre-set condition is met. Precisely because it is a feature that is increasingly sought after by players, the activation button is generally very visible, near the start button.

Options available in autoplay mode in online slots

Before triggering the “autoplay” or “autoplay” function, you will first have to set the stake at which the respective spins will be performed, as well as the number of automatic spins (generally 5, 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100). Take into account the fact that spins in the “autoplay” mode are not free and you will pay for each one separately, as for regular spins. So set your bet carefully and make sure you don’t blow your budget for a few spins.

More recently, players have more and more options that they can activate when they call on the autospins, and most of them are extremely useful. This way you can “program” the automatic spins to stop when you win a bonus or trigger a special function (for example free spins), but also when you get a win that exceeds a previously established amount or if your budget drops below a certain level.

In many cases, the autoplay feature will automatically stop anyway if the machine has triggered a bonus feature that requires an option from the player.

Do not use the autoplay function at the online casino if…

online slots

It is important to know that the autoplay function speeds up the game speed quite a lot in online slots, and this is the big advantage in the opinion of many players. However, if you like to play slots and enjoy the slot’s graphics and increasingly spectacular animations, this option will not benefit you much, as it will minimize the time spent between spins.

Also, many players prefer to vary the stakes quite a bit during the game. Some reduce the stake when they have a longer losing streak and the budget is significantly reduced, and raise the stake when they are in the red and have several consecutive wins. There are also players who vary the stakes from spin to spin depending on how lucky they feel or as a strategy. If you fall into this category, the autoplay feature will obviously not help you at all, as you will have to cancel it extremely often.

You will use autoplay on the pawns if…

online slots

In the category of players who use the autoplay function, those who want to use the computer in parallel and for something else, and can do it by watching the game in the online casino in another window, enter first of all.

You can also use the automatic game mode if you have benefited from a bonus and you need to fulfill the running conditions as quickly as possible. Let’s say you won a significant amount from your respective bonus playing blackjack and roulette, two games where the playing conditions are much higher than slots (generally slots count 100% towards the bonus requirement, while table games max 10 %), and you have to roll the bonus 40 or 50 times before you can make a withdrawal. Slots will be the fastest option. And if you are not a fan of these games, you can use the autoplay function, which, as I said above, minimizes the “lost” time between spins and when a win is awarded.

Another case in which you can use the automatic spins is when you are “hunting” a progressive jackpot and want to catch as many spins as possible in a relatively short period of time.

Will autoplay help you win more at slots?

Of course not. The autoplay mode is just an alternative to the classic way of playing slots and does not change your chances of winning in any way, even if you will hear different opinions. Many slot players develop some sort of superstition, and some will claim that they have won more using the autoplay feature or playing classic, but we guarantee that these beliefs are not based on anything concrete.

So decide whether you will use the autoplay function in online slots only according to your needs and the way you are used to playing.

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