Video slots with a less inspired theme

Video slots

The Igaming industry is extremely diverse today, both when we talk about the types of games and their versions, as well as the characteristics they have and the themes underlying them. This multitude of options is a major plus, because there are tens of thousands of gamblers on a global level that have different needs and preferences, so each must have titles to love.

The theme of the games is chosen well, or not, depending on the person you ask. Here is a perfect case of “tastes are not discussed”, because each gambler has the freedom to choose the titles according to the preferences they have, no matter how strange it may seem to other people. However, we must admit that some approaches are quite special and very unexpected.

From the category of “Casino Fun Facts”, in this article we highlight the cheats that have completely special themes, but not necessarily in a good sense. Obviously, there are probably a few people who love these video slots in the whole world, but according to the majority, they are in a more special top, of uninspired topics.

Three video slots with a less inspired theme

Video slots

To the luck of the Romanians, at the casinos in our online, there are largely popular topics, while on the abroad market there are many games that are not top, but for a very restricted audience. Here are some examples of titles that you will find in foreign operators:

Judge Judy is a prominent personality, a character who, by his character, through the hypostases in which he arrived, has become a source of inspiration. The trick that bears this name can be considered to be a tribute, but the opinions seem to be quite divided. It gives in video slot bonuses and rewards lucky players with various prizes. It is a little strange as a person who represents the legal system in America and who appeared in an emotional television show to be the protagonist of a gamble, but the fool has been launched for several years and has his devoted fans.

40 Shades of Santa is a special video slot, but it depends on each player whether in a good or bad direction. It is a combination between the Fifty Shades of Gray series and the winter holidays, where Santa Claus is in the main role. Designed as a parody, the theme has common elements between the two “inspiration sources” and is intended for a smaller audience.

Bible Video Slots – There are several fools who have the holy book and biblical characters in the foreground. Given that by about any religion, gambling are considered a sin, it is a controversial theme. However, it exists and you can either love it or hate it.

On the other hand, and in our country there is a slightly more controversial video slot we could tell Hoffmania. He is among the very few fools who have the theme built around a single character, a personality, specifically David Hasselhoff, the famous young and restless actor, Bay Watch Original or Knight Rider, who has had other “tasks ”, As producer, singer, television personality, businessman and beyond.

The game that has it in the foreground was launched by Greentube by Novomatic in 2013, it has a slightly more vintage, classic appearance. It has a RTP of only 94.16% with average volatility, a 5×3 matrix with 5 payment lines. However, the trick has the function of gambles and a function with free spins that comes with multipliers.

Regardless of the theme you prefer when it comes to gambling, keep in mind that there are thousands of titles to choose from. Whatever choice you make, it is crucial to carry out your balanced activity, to invest moderately, in a correct ratio to your income. You will certainly find the online tricks to test your chances of success, without overcoming the budget you can allocate to this hobby!

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